Staying in Flats in the Center of St Peterbourg

Saint PeterbourgIf you are planning a trip to St Peterbourg but would like something more than a generic booked tour, you might want to consider renting a flat to stay in while you are there. There are many short-term apartment rental options available right in the center of St Peterbourg, that will allow you to be in a convenient location while experiencing a local feel to make your trip that much more special.

Reasons for Renting a Flat in St Peterbourg

Founded in 1703, the city of St. Peterbourg has retained its historic charm and splendour to this day. With its beautiful architecture and the numerous canals, the city has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Hence, it would be a shame not to experience the magic of this stunning city firsthand. Staying in hotels is the most obvious option but hotels can be impersonal and soulless. Renting your own apartment during your trip lets you absorb the local atmosphere while making you feel at home at the same time. It leaves you the option of coming and going as you please and you do not have to plan your day around hotel check in times or cleaning schedules. Hotels require you book two or three rooms if you are travelling with your family, so renting a flat can prove to be more economical if you are on a budget. The apartments will generally have a kitchen, so there is the added advantage of cooking your meals in your own time and according to your own preferences, which is exceptionally useful for people who follow a specific diet.

Options in the Center of St Peterbourg

historic center of saints PetersbourgThere are many companies and agencies that help tourists find the perfect house for their stay in St Peterbourg. PiterStay has a selection of beautifully furnished one- to five-bedroom flats that you can rent for as less as two days. Petersburg-Lodging is another great site that has a huge selection of apartments, so whether you need a small two-bedroom house, a comfy studio apartment or a huge luxury flat, there is something for everyone. These agencies provide information about long-term flats as well, besides offering help with visa and transport. The center of St Peterbourg is a convenient location as the shops and restaurants are at a walking distance, and transport is easy because there is bound to be a metro station near your place. You can spend the day at the Peterhof Palace and Garden or plan an impromptu trip to St. Issac’s Cathedral. Eat at the Palkin restaurant and behold the grace of Russian ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre. At the end of the long day, you can come back and relax in your own apartment and feel at home in the glorious city of St. Peterbourg.  
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