What is the nicest part of Brittany ?

When planning a trip to Brittany, choosing where to stay can be hard ! This French region is filled with breathtaking landscapes, charming villages and captivating museums. Many Bretons and outside visitors consider southern Finistere to be the nicest part of Brittany. Here is why.

The most beautiful fishing ports

Southern Finistere is famous for its fishing culture. Each of its ports has its own charm and romantic scenery. In Lesconil, Le Guilvinec and Loctudy, the smallest traditional boats are anchored side by side with quaint pleasure sailboats, as well as modern fishing vessels. Fish markets and auctions are held several times a week.

If you are looking for the perfect accommodation facility, book your stay in a campsite. You can buy fresh seafood from a fisherman at a local landing point, and cook it on the barbecue grill with your friends and family.

Nature at its finest

The south coast of Finistere has always been a haven for bikers, hikers and wildlife photographers. Take a walk along the Breton shoreline, on one of its numerous trails, and admire a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Brittany campsites with waterparks are the ideal spots to stay with children. They offer amenities including paddling pools, indoor pools, heated pools, water slides and sunbathing areas ! Some of these family campgrounds are located just minutes from the Bigouden country’s most stunning beaches, south-facing bays and rocky coves.

A region steeped in culture and history

Quimper is the capital of Finistere. This city shelters many must-see sites, including a gothic cathedral with a set of magnificent stained-glass windows and two 75-meter towers. If you love art, devote a day to visiting Quimper’s departmental museum and its museum of fine arts.

Another picture-perfect town in Brittany is Concarneau. Take the time to stroll around its famous Ville close, an enclosed quarter with medieval ramparts and a timeless atmosphere. Be sure to make a detour to the chateau of Keriolet. This fairytale castle is open for visitors every summer.

Southern Finistere offers you the quintessence of Brittany’s cultural and natural heritage. At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, this region welcomes you for a memorable holiday with your loved ones. You will not regret choosing the Bigouden country for your escapade in France.

Things to know when booking a place in Paris

Organizing a trip to Paris is not always easy. There is a lot to think about to plan the perfect city break. There are some useful things to know before booking a place in the French capital. Discover our little guide to plan the best Parisian trip.

When to go

It is not always easy to find affordable flights from Los Angeles to Paris (or from any other American city). Some periods are better than others to visit Paris at a good price. For example, during summer, prices are higher as it is the tourist season in the city. It is much more affordable in the winter even if the weather is less tempting to visit the City of Light. eiffel tower in paris As for renting a place during your trip, it is the same as getting cheap airline tickets to France, it is better to avoid summer. Spring and autumn are great alternatives as the weather can be quite nice and prices are lower.

Where to book an accommodation

As you probably know, Paris is a big city, composed of “arrondissements”. There are very different atmospheres in each neighborhood so you have to gather some information before choosing where to book your hotel according to the type of vacation you want and who you are going with. Here is a quick overview of some arrondissements, but know that there are a lot more:

 The Quartier Latin

The Quartier Latin is a very old Parisian area where numerous students, poets and artists live. There is a lot to do in this neighborhood like visiting the Pantheon or the Luxembourg Palace. You can also see the famous university of La Sorbonne and the old Gallo-Roman arenas.


The Montmartre area is situated on top of a little hill which makes it really typical. It is where you can find the famous Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Famous people used to live in this area like Picasso, Chaplin… You can find numerous restaurants and enjoy a romantic stay. sacre coeur basilica in paris

Around the Eiffel Tower

The neighborhood around the Eiffel Tower spreads over several arrondissements: the 7th, the 15th and 16th. There you can visit the Champs-Elysées Avenue, the Arc de Triomphe or the Tuileries garden. But keep in mind that these areas are quite expensive.

Provence – everyone’s dream holiday destination!

The French region of Provence draws visitors from all around the world thanks to its wonderful climate, amazing food, rich history, stunning natural landscapes and vibrant arts scene.

Take a tour of Provence and gain real insight into this fascinating place!

Provence is a name that’s familiar worldwide, but how well do we really know this region, once we get beyond the stereotypes of flamingos, fields of lavender and fish soup? For anyone wanting to do more than just scratch the surface of a tremendously diverse and complex place, booking one of the many Provence tours on offer has to be the way forward. They’re available in pretty much every shape and size, being tailored to all ages, budgets and centres of interest imaginable! Booking a tour does away with the hassles of itinerary planning and wrestling with car rental or public transport. It also places local guides with expert knowledge at your disposal, enabling you to understand Provence like never before! Many tours cater to the cruise ship market in the form of shore excursions, these tending to be of shorter duration. If you have a little more time to spare, you may be able to draw up a list of sights you’d like to take in, creating your very own ‘made-to-measure’ experience.

Aix-en-Provence – at the heart of the region

Aix-en-Provence may not be the biggest urban centre in the region, but its location makes it a good place to start your exploration of the area. Day trips from Aix en Provence offer easy access to many of the region’s outstanding sights. For instance, around an hour’s driving is enough to take you to the astonishing sound and light show at the Carrières de Lumières; the papal palace in Avignon; Arles, with its Roman amphitheatre; the natural paradise that is the Camargue or the charming fishing village of Cassis and the famous limestone inlets of the sea, known as the ‘calanques’, located nearby. Aix-en-Provence itself makes for a great day trip – which you’d expect for somewhere with two thousand years of history under its belt. It was the capital of Provence in the medieval period, and many of its finest monuments date from this time. It boasts a beautiful 13th century Gothic cathedral and is also particularly rich in museums and galleries. The Musée Granet, with works from the 15th to 19th centuries is very popular, as is Paul Cezanne’s studio. The famous Impressionist painter’s studio has been preserved much as it was when he died in 1906 – it’s an absolute must for fans.

The Ardèche – a Mecca for hikers!

Although the Ardèche area of southern France is perhaps best known for the gorge which makes the Ardèche River into a top canoeing destination, the dramatic scenery also makes for great hiking. The Ardèche département is home to nearly 6,000 km of marked walking trails which criss-cross the varied landscapes of this stunning region. Contained within this area are also two parks, the Parc Régional des Monts d’Ardèche, and the celebrated Parc National des Cévennes. Hikers are particularly drawn to the diversity of natural habitats, which range from mountains, high, wind-swept plateaux, a karst (limestone) area pockmarked with many caves and steep-sided valleys and more fertile farming country, characterized by orchards and vineyards. Naturally, this variety of landscapes results in a great diversity of flora and fauna too, including the extremely rare – and very majestic – Bonelli’s Eagle.