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MontrealSituated a short distance away from the American border, Montreal is also close by other major destinations, such as Ottawa and Quebec City. There is much to see and do in this historic location. However, when you want to spend an entire week in Montreal, you may be unsure about what to do. As there are a considerable number of attractions, here’s a guide about what you could do. Experiencing a wonder of nature An approximate forty five minute walk of six to seven kilometres, Mount Royal offers panoramic views of Montreal. Situated in the centre of Montreal, Mount Royal has an elevation of over seven hundred feet. Found at the summit are many attractions which will entertain people of all ages. Not only can you see Smith House which has heritage listing which informs visitors about the history of Mount Royal, but you can also ice skate during the winter on Beaver Lake. If you venture to Mount Royal on Sunday mornings from May through to October, an outdoor drum jam takes place. Enjoy many festivals which are held throughout the year Montreal high lights festivalAs with other major Canadian cities and locations, you can see many festivals which take place during the vast majority of the year. Happening at the end of February is the ‘High Lights Festival’. During this very popular festival which attracts thousands of people, events are held throughout the city, such as ice skating, fireworks and live music. Taking place until 4am, this festival could be a very memorable way to end your entire week in Montreal or as a perfect way to begin your stay. Helping to whet the appetite Montreal proudly boasts many public markets which are found throughout the city. The best local produce can be purchased here and at affordable prices as well. If you want to enjoy delicious food but you don’t want to exceed your budget, this is possible because of these public markets. Such popular markets include Atwater Market and the Jean-Talon Market where you can buy breads, meats and tasty cheeses. As these and numerous other public markets are open throughout the vast majority of the week, you could visit many markets during your stay in this fabulous city. As this city has many other attractions, you’ll discover that spending an entire week in Montreal is simply not long enough and you will want to extend your holiday for much longer.
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