What you have to do in Shanghai

shanghai centerThere is no end to what you have to do in Shangai. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and the beautiful towering architecture then you will love it here. The variety of Shangai is what makes it so special and diverse. Here are some fantastic places to visit while you are on your trip.

Yu Yuan Garden

yu yuan garden shanghaiThis famous garden in Shangai is a peaceful place to go when you tire of the busy streets of the city. The Bazaar is close by and has a number of vendors who sell their freshly made food to the tourists. These tranquil gardens were originally privately built by Pan Yunduan who constructed it for his parents and is now surrounded by traditional Chinese architecture. You can even take home some souvenirs like chopsticks or Chinese silk pyjamas.

The Bund

bund shanghaiWorld famous among visitors to Shangai, this landmark is filled with striking architecture all on the waterfront. The building designs include Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque among many other styles. Take a walk through the newly renovated Fairmont Peace Hotel or drop into the M on the Bund for a drink. You can also take a walk along the promenade next to the Huang Pu River.

Nanjing Road

nanjing road shanghaiIf you are still wondering what you have to do in Shangai then look no further than Nanjing Road. Once there were only four shops here but now it is known as one of the most popular shopping streets in the city. This road is packed with theatres, specialist shops and hotels as well as many restaurants and chain stores.

Moganshan Road Art District

moganshan road art districtExperience the world of art in the city by taking a trip to Moganshan Road near Suzhou Creek. Drop into some of the galleries including the EastLink Gallery, the Art Scene Warehouse and Shanghart. There is a little coffee shop at the beginning of the lane in which you can watch the world go by once you have taken the tour. Once filled with warehouses and factories, it is now a popular haunt for the creative and artistic.

Huang Pu River

Huangpu riverShangai’s landmark, Huang Pu River is popular among tourists and is used among natives for industry. The fishery industry is the most dominant trade the river is used for but it also has opportunities for tourists to take boat trips along it. Watch the bright lights go by on a peaceful trip along the waterfront. What you have to do in Shangai knows no bounds as this city has much to offer new visitors. You will have to take a second trip just to take in all of its magnificent beauty.

A Week in Tokyo

There are so many things to do in Tokyo, that you need more than a week to cover all the popular places to go and things to do. And even then, you are really rushing it in just one week, because Tokyo has a lot to offer – sights, sounds, and everything else in between. Tokyo’s Popular Sights tokyo towerThe city’s most sought-after places usually include Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace Plaza, the Sensoji Temple “Asakusa Kannon” and the Nakamise-dori, and the Ueno. These places can be covered quite comfortably in a day. The first stop at Tokyo Tower essentially ‘sets the scene’, for, from this imposing tower, you can see most of the city and enjoy a fantastic and panoramic view. The next stop, which is the Imperial Palace, provides endless photo opportunities as you stroll around the outer gardens. As for the Sensoji Temple, this is a must-see for tourists who are interested to delve a bit deeper into Japan’s Buddhist psyche. The Nakamise-dori is a promenade that leads to the temple vicinity, whereby you will be entertained by a myriad of food and souvenir shops lining the promenade. At the end of your first day, walk around the Ueno, which has a zoo and a park. Unwind amidst natural surroundings as you prepare for the next day’s excavation. Traditional Sumo Tournament sumo tournamentAfter a busy first day, the second day in your week in Tokyo should be a relaxing one. Spend half a day watching a traditional Sumo tournament at the Kokugikan (Sumo Amphitheater). Drop by the Sumo Museum to learn more about this sport. Take the rest of the day off to prepare for the next three days, where you ought to travel via bullet train to nearby Nara and Kyoto. No week in Tokyo is complete without visiting the city’s close cities. In the short trip, you will have the opportunity to tour Nara’s temples and shrines before proceeding to Kyoto, which is known as the cradle of Japan’s cultural heritage. Japan’s Tea Ceremony japan tea ceremonyThe sixth day of your week in Tokyo is best filled with a one-hour relaxing boat cruise on the beautiful Sumida River. After the cruise, do some serious shopping at the famous Ginza shopping district or the Nakamise shopping street. In the afternoon, unwind by participating in a traditional tea ceremony, where you will not only witness a tradition that has been practised for thousands of years, but also enjoy some good, refreshing tea! Wrap Up Your Trip Make your last day in Tokyo the most memorable one by taking on a Japanese culinary adventure. Dedicate the day to sushi and all that this delightful food entails. Start by visiting Japan’s (and probably the world’s) largest fish market, and then try making some sushi, before feasting on your handiwork! That will wrap up a glorious week in Tokyo for you!

Helping you to rent a flat in Rome

coliseum romeItaly is a marvellous place to visit. Whether you want to spend time in this country for holidays, working in Italy is highly recommended as well. Found throughout this historic country are many towns and cities which you can reside in and enjoy. From its northern, industrial territories to the rural south, Rome continues to attract many travellers who want to see this wonderful city for themselves. When you spend time in this city for holidays or any other reason, it is recommended that you rent a flat in Rome. The reasons why you should stay in a flat sistine chapelWhen choosing to rent a flat in Rome, this will enable you to see as much of Rome as possible. No matter what your religious persuasion is, visiting the Vatican and its Sistine Chapel is an unforgettable experience. As other attractions are found in Rome, you will want to see as many of them as possible. If you stay in a hotel or apartment which is a considerable distance away from the city, much of your time will be spent on travelling. When you rent a flat in Rome, many of its other wonders can be seen such as the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. The many types of flats which you can rent As with other worldwide capital cities, there is much to choose from when you want to rent a flat in Rome. As many buildings in this city are hundreds of years old, the size of the flats themselves varies from one to the next. Whether a flat which has a balcony is selected or one which is part of a complex, the exact location of the flat itself differs as well. As you can rent a flat in Rome which is situated nearby one of the aforementioned attractions, you won’t have to travel a very long way in order to see a particular attraction. When you want to rent a flat in Rome for holidays or because you are due to start a job in this historic city, the exact price varies as well. As the money which is charged per week or month differs for each individual flat, full details about the exact price is provided along with other information, such as its amenities. Therefore, you will know about whether your budget can sustain staying in a particular flat or not for whatever period of time.

Enjoy the Spanish Way of Life in Madrid

MadridThe Spanish way of life in Madrid can be experienced in various ways. Their way of life is different from any other. The residents of the largest city in Spain are slow-paced, more relaxed and less troubled making it possible to enjoy their way of life better. You do not have to rush while strolling or having your food for everything can be done in a comfortable and acceptable slow pace. The city is characterized by late lunches, siestas and the favorite pass time of watching people while enjoying food and refreshments. If you are in pursuit of happiness, the Spanish capital may be your ultimate destination. There are numerous shops, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants, museums, bars, discotheques and cafeterias among many other amenities that can make your stay enjoyable. Madrid’s attractions cerralbo museum MadridThere are many enjoyable things you can do to enjoy Madrid’s way of life. You can visit Cerralbo Museum, Prado Museum, Sorolla Museum among others to learn the history and culture of the people. Some of the museums may host concerts and contain galleries of art. Historical sites such as Arab Wall, Plaza de la Villa, Casa de Museo Lope de Vega and El Palacio Real de Aranjuez among others are some of the must-see gems. The city has over 40 parks where families can enjoy great outdoor activities. Some include Parque Quinta de la Fuente, Parque del Oeste and Parque del Retiro. Other ways to enjoy the Spanish way of life in Madrid include experiencing the robust nightlife in neighborhoods such as Puerta del Sol, Alonso Martinez, Bilbao, Atocha and Tribunal. You can enjoy Spanish way of life in Madrid during the night in places such as clubs, live music venues, cocktail bars, jazz lounges and tapas bars inclusive of many others. Classical music and opera establishments include Teatro Real, Auditorio 400, Teatro de la Zarzuela, Auditorio Nacional de Música and Teatro Monumental. Local festivals include Three Kings Procession, Madrid en Danza, La Candaleria, Dos de Mayo, Festimad and Madrid Jazz Festival among others. bullfighting madridExperiencing bullfighting is another good way to enjoy the ways of the Spanish people. The sport is performed during festivities, public holidays, Sunday as well as during the bullfighting season. The Las Ventas is the largest bullring with a sitting capacity of over 20,000 fans. Transportation in Madrid Getting around in Madrid is convenient and cheap which makes it good if you want to tour the capital. The inexpensive and well organized transport system includes taxis, metro, buses and car hire. The system accommodates even the disabled. You can opt to walk around the capital while sightseeing and familiarizing yourself with the city. Walking can get you access to places where the various transport methods can not go.

3 Days in New York: The Essential Visits

3 Days in New-york : essential visits statue of liberty New YorkNew-york is a dream destination for most and is certainly one of the many places that a person should visit at least once. The city of New-york is a hotbed of fashion, entertainment, culture, business and general excitement which most visitors instantly get a sense of when they arrive and are reluctant to leave behind when they return home. Used as a location in so many films, people often experience a sense of familiarity when they are in New York but nothing matches being there in real life. If 3 days are all that a person has, there are certainly some key attractions and landmarks that are absolutely essential destinations. Famous Landmarks Empire state building New YorkAt the top of the list arethe inherently New-york landmarks of buildings and monuments. The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are perhaps the two most recognisable and popular destinations for newcomers to the city. A boat can be gotten from the harbour which will bring visitors out to Ellis Island and around in order to get to the statue. This boat trip also provides a fantastic view of the Manhattan cityscape and is the perfect time to take photographs. Similarly, atop the Empire State Building is a wealth of photo opportunities of the city and its environs including the bridges that surround it and lead to the outer areas. New-york : essential visits for Museums and Culture A trip to the Big Apple is nothing without a trip to the infamous museums that are dotted around the city. Begin with the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an amazing perspective on 20th century artists and several renowned masterpieces. Located just off Central Park, the Guggenheim is another art museum and architectural wonder that is well worth the trip. Finally, take time to go to the Museum of Natural History, a remarkable and awe-inspiring building which tells the story of the origins of mankind, space, the earth and a host of other scientific mysteries. New-york : essential visits for entertainment Times square new yorkFor a truly entertaining and exhilarating day, go to Times Square which also leads to Broadway Avenue. The square is a pivotal location within the city and is a hub of activity and lights that will energise even the most jaded of visitors. Seeing a Broadway musical is a must and a visit to Times Square will allow you to take advantage of the half-price tickets available if you queue up. Madame Tussauds, the infamous waxworks museum is also located here and Central park can be easily walked to from this central location. The park houses a playground, zoo, ice-rink, baseball fields, swimming pool and even hiking trails, making it an ideal destination any day of the week.

A Holiday Week in Stockholm

stockholmA week in the beautiful city that is Sweden’s capital invites you to a sleek experience of terracotta buildings, vibrant nightlife and amazing culture. A winter break will place you in a white holiday to remember, and this is a popular period for many travellers. A week is a sufficient amount of time to visit the heart of Scandinavia and experience a holiday week in Stockolm’s highlights, here are our recommendations.

The Sights of Stockolm

Walk the cobbled streets of the old town Gamla Stan and visit as many gift shops as desired. You can rest in a variety of restaurants and ice cream parlours for the Stockolm tradition of fika: sharing coffee and some cake with friends. There are plenty of boutiques and retro shops in up-market and stylish Ostermalm. Royal Palace StockholmThe Royal Palace sits majestically on the island as its regal crown. Those who like a historical feel will appreciate the palaces and rich culture offered amidst the 700 years of historical buildings so perfectly kept intact. Stand in awe as you gaze upon the gothic churches.

Sightseeing Outside The City

While enjoying your holiday week in Stockolm, there are some sightseeing tours going out of the city to the rocky islands of the archipelago. The capital may come as a surprise to you with its land spread across 14 islands. From Lake Malaran, view the Baltic Sea and soak up the crystal blue skies and crisp winter air. Continue your historical journey across the islands sights by taking a ferry to the island of Djurgarden; the island boasts the 100 year old town called Skansen embellishing a foray of tradition in pottery, bakery, saddle-making and glass blowing. Ferry rides from Stockholm’s city centre to the islands are quite regular so you can partake of some more fika and just head across for the next ferry. Continue your historical Scandinavian journey and visit Uppsala and Sigtuna for some real culture and contemporary excitement. Fan of the Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy books? Visit the location setting for the tales at Sodermalm, a popular choice and the Millennium Tour can be booked in Stockolm.

Shopping in Stockholm

If shopping is your reason for being in Stockholm, the city centre will tempt you into a number of big fashion stores. Visit some real Nordic shops selling designer fashion, household objects and other Swedish apparel. Nordiska KompanietFor cosmetics, visit NK or Nordiska Kompaniet for stylish shoes, cosmetics, and Nordic crystal. Take a peek in PUB on Drottninggatan; if you like designer art glass and varied household objects, take a peek in Ahlens. This store offers the latest in Swedish fashion. Enjoy your holiday week in Stockolm, the true majestic Swedish city.

Stay in London for the weekend

big ben londonIf you are feeling tired and despondent, and are looking for a good way to recharge your batteries, look no more. Stay in London for the weekend. Gauging from all the words that have been spoken and written about great cities of the world, London remains one of the most vibrant and vivacious among the lot. It is definitely THE place to go for the weekend to rejuvenate your worn-out and weary soul! Great Attractions Trafalgar square londonIf you are like millions of conventional London guests who go for the regular sights that make the city what it is, then Madame Tussauds, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Downing Street are there for you to visit. When you are done, head for the Big Ben and Parliament, the Eye of London, Covent Garden, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower Bridge – to name a few. If you still have some more time in the weekend, and want to continue along the same lines, carry on to Shakespeare’s Globe, Westminster Abbey, and of course, Buckingham Palace. See Them All If you fear that there is not enough time in the weekend to cover all these places, fear not. Just board one of the many hop-on hop-off buses or river cruises. By taking these, you do not have to worry about overlooking any of the attractions on offer. However, you might find it difficult to choose which place you want to spend more time on, given the fact that you have limited time to spend in the city. Peace and Calm kyoto garden holland park londonBut your stay in London for the weekend does not have to comprise these regular diet of attractions alone. If you fancy some peace and calm, head to a couple of London’s secret gardens. Chelsea Physic Garden, located in the stylish Sloane Square, should be your first destination. Sometimes called ‘the secret walled garden’, it is the oldest botanic garden that has an amazing collection of medicinal botany that hail from around the globe. If you are into alternative medicine, this place is a treasure trove you do not want to miss during your weekend in London. Another garden paradise worth visiting is Kyoto Garden at Holland Park. As its name implies, Kyoto Garden is Japanese in looks, housing a delightful cascading waterfall that leads into a pond. The sound of water and the sight of carp fish in the pond give a soothing, precious feeling. Immerse in the surrounding, and you will slowly see your spirits soar in response to the tranquil surroundings. Your stay in London for the weekend will definitely be worth your while if you know where to go and what to do. A little bit of planning will go a long way in ensuring that your weekend in London is a good and memorable one.

Paris: a city full of delights

Eiffel ower ParisWhat can you do in Paris? The French capital has many famous sights to visit, but also lesser-known delights to explore. You can travel around easily by underground trains – le Métro – or bus, and it is also a pleasure to walk through the streets of the centre of the city, or further out on a former railway line which has been transformed into a green walkway. Rain or shine, there is always plenty to see and do in Paris. Tour MontparnasseWhat can you do in Paris to get an overview of the city? The most iconic sight in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, which at 324 metres high was the tallest structure in the world when it was built in 1889. From the top you have a panoramic view of the city, with the River Seine snaking through it. Other places worth a visit for a bird’s-eye view are the Tour Montparnasse and the Institut du Monde Arabe. The latter is one of the “Grand Projets”, the big architectural projects undertaken by President Mitterand in the 1980s. These also include the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre museum and the Grande Arche de la Défence, which is a contemporary version of the Arc de Triomphe – there is a splendid view from one to the other. What can you do in Paris in bad weather? Notre Dame cathedral ParisOn a rainy day you can take the opportunity to see the interiors of the great buildings of Paris, such as Notre Dame cathedral, the white basilica of Sacré Coeur and the great museums. See the paintings of the French impressionists in the Musée d’Orsay. Both the building and the paintings will show you something of how Paris looked in the 19th century. For something less well-known, visit La Pagode, a genuine Japanese pagoda imported in 1895 and subsequently turned into a cinema, where you can watch films in a sumptuous interior and, if the rain has stopped, take tea in the oriental-style garden. Otherwise, sit on a covered terrace outside one of Paris’ many cafés and watch the elegant Parisians walking by. What can you do in Paris on foot? Place de la Bastille ParisYou can spend an fascinating morning window-shopping in Paris – looking at the latest fashions in the rue de Rivoli, fabulously-arrayed gourmet delicacies in Fauchon and mouth-watering cakes in almost any patisserie. For a rather different walk, take the Promenade Plantée from the Place de la Bastille in a south-easterly direction. The first one and a half kilometre section is elevated, and planted with trees, roses and other flowering plants. You feel as if you are in the country. You can continue to walk until you reach the Bois de Vincennes and return by Métro.