A Week in Tokyo

There are so many things to do in Tokyo, that you need more than a week to cover all the popular places to go and things to do. And even then, you are really rushing it in just one week, because Tokyo has a lot to offer – sights, sounds, and everything else in between. Tokyo’s Popular Sights tokyo towerThe city’s most sought-after places usually include Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace Plaza, the Sensoji Temple “Asakusa Kannon” and the Nakamise-dori, and the Ueno. These places can be covered quite comfortably in a day. The first stop at Tokyo Tower essentially ‘sets the scene’, for, from this imposing tower, you can see most of the city and enjoy a fantastic and panoramic view. The next stop, which is the Imperial Palace, provides endless photo opportunities as you stroll around the outer gardens. As for the Sensoji Temple, this is a must-see for tourists who are interested to delve a bit deeper into Japan’s Buddhist psyche. The Nakamise-dori is a promenade that leads to the temple vicinity, whereby you will be entertained by a myriad of food and souvenir shops lining the promenade. At the end of your first day, walk around the Ueno, which has a zoo and a park. Unwind amidst natural surroundings as you prepare for the next day’s excavation. Traditional Sumo Tournament sumo tournamentAfter a busy first day, the second day in your week in Tokyo should be a relaxing one. Spend half a day watching a traditional Sumo tournament at the Kokugikan (Sumo Amphitheater). Drop by the Sumo Museum to learn more about this sport. Take the rest of the day off to prepare for the next three days, where you ought to travel via bullet train to nearby Nara and Kyoto. No week in Tokyo is complete without visiting the city’s close cities. In the short trip, you will have the opportunity to tour Nara’s temples and shrines before proceeding to Kyoto, which is known as the cradle of Japan’s cultural heritage. Japan’s Tea Ceremony japan tea ceremonyThe sixth day of your week in Tokyo is best filled with a one-hour relaxing boat cruise on the beautiful Sumida River. After the cruise, do some serious shopping at the famous Ginza shopping district or the Nakamise shopping street. In the afternoon, unwind by participating in a traditional tea ceremony, where you will not only witness a tradition that has been practised for thousands of years, but also enjoy some good, refreshing tea! Wrap Up Your Trip Make your last day in Tokyo the most memorable one by taking on a Japanese culinary adventure. Dedicate the day to sushi and all that this delightful food entails. Start by visiting Japan’s (and probably the world’s) largest fish market, and then try making some sushi, before feasting on your handiwork! That will wrap up a glorious week in Tokyo for you!
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